Friday, August 3, 2012

WARNING: Debbie Downer Wrote This

So this week has just been bad.  There's no other way to put it.  My runs have been terrible (with the exception of one) and I have literally ZERO motivation.  I've been so tired this week and all I've wanted to do is lay in my bed.

I'm on week 7 of my training and in this weekend's run I'm supposed to up my run by a mile.  I would usually see this and be so excited about adding a mile.  But to be completely honest, this week I'm dreading it!  What is wrong with me??  Anybody else hit this "plateau" in their training?  I would like to blame PMS (sorry fellas, it's a fact of life).  Could that be the culprit?  This week I've gone from telling myself  "I've got this." to "What was I thinking?" and "I wonder if anyone would want to buy my spot in the half." 

I know my posts have been such downers let me go ahead and say that Wednesdays run was awesome.  SO awesome.  I ran further than I ever have and although it was HARD, I did it.  And I felt awesome afterwards.  I was so proud of myself and thought that would have been the push I needed to get going get excited again.  But so far, no.

Next week is going to be better.  Next week is going to be awesome.  Next week I'm kicking that pavement's ass. 

So.  What do you do to regain motivation?


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