Friday, June 29, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce

Wow...three blog posts in three days!  Sorry for the overkill, but I really want y'all to meet the person responsible for my half marathon training/obsession.  (Some of you already know her.)  I met Christin through a mutual friend at a happy hour and although I thought she was a cool chick, I never imagined she'd have me running a year or so later!  ME...running!  She's a marathoner and has given me such great advice, awesome tips, and run alongside me when I was struggling with a simple mile (she can run 26.2...a mile is absolutely nothing to her).

When I get discouraged or just want to reignite my excitement I go back and read her running story.  It's SO inspiring.  I just now read it again, which prompted this post, and cried.  Again.  You can check out her story here.  Please go read it!  I promise you it will inspire you whether you've been running for years, are just getting started on your journey, or are even just thinking about starting to run.

Thanks, Christin, for all of your support!  I can't wait for December 1st!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Cool Articles

I really, really wanted to run today but it's my rest day and considering the severe cramping last night I thought it best to really take this rest day...even though I didn't like it!  Who is this girl that still wants to workout even when she has a legitimate excuse not to?!

So I thought I'd spend some time this evening researching how to avoid the terrible pain I felt last night.  I got some great tips from friends that I'll definitely put into place.  I also found this article on  One of my friends that responded to my last blog post said I may be suffering from cramps due to the heat, and this article talks about that -- symptoms, prevention, etc.  It also goes into other heat related illnesses and how to prevent those.  Really good article for anyone taking up or continuing running this summer.

I also came across this article on the same website.  It gives awesome tips for hot weather running, including how to acclimate yourself to the heat, which is great for new runners like me.  My favorite tip from this article is the "drink an icee or smoothie before your run" tip!

One more article I want to share and then I'm done:  This article, also from, gives some really great tips on how to run regularly.  I can honestly say some of these tips have really helped me keep going.  Setting goals, sharing important.  I think I've mentioned before that the news of my half marathon training has spread like wildfire and there's not a day that goes by that somebody isn't asking me how training is going, even people I run into that I haven't seen in months.  So if I give up...ALL those people are going to know it!

I know everyone's running experience is different, but hopefully these articles share a little something you can use in your training.  I'm learning so much about running and about myself during my training.  I love it!

Anybody else have any other tips to share that may not have been included in these articles? 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holy Leg Cramps!

Y'all, it's midnight.  I have to work tomorrow.  I should totally be asleep.  I am in bed, but I had to blog about this.  I just had the absolute worst leg cramps of my entire life.  Not just a charlie horse in my calves, although I'm getting those, too.  These were in the tops of my legs and literally brought me to tears.  I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but this was bad! 

I ran today, and despite getting off to a rough start, thanks to cramps in my calves, it was a pretty decent run.  I stretched afterwards like normal and for some reason I'm feeling pain that I feel like could compare to natural childbirth.  Seriously, y'all, it HURTS!  SO, any advice??  I've done all I know to do.  I eat good amounts of green vegetables and bananas, foods that contain potassium.  I stretch after every run.  I've tried heat.  I've tried ice.  What else?  Should I maybe start a potassium supplement even though I feel like I eat plenty of potassium containing foods? 

I know there are plenty of you out there that have gone through this, and it may seem petty, but I promise you...there's not a lot of pain that will bring me to tears...and I mean flowing tears.  But this has!  Any suggestions are appreciated!!


Monday, June 25, 2012

hot Hot HOT!!

Sweet Jesus it is hot outside!

I really regret that I haven't been blogging much.  I feel like I only post when I'm pumped and excited about running and not so much when I'm discouraged.  Probably for fear of sounding like a complainer.  But I really want to be able to come back to this blog after the big race and see exactly how I felt, good and bad, throughout training.  So I'm going to do my best to start blogging more often.  Feel free to unfollow if my complaining gets on your nerves.  :)

So, since I'm complaining, can we talk about how HOT it is??  Saturday's run was awful.  AWFUL.  I didn't get out there as early as I'd hoped, so it was the heat of the day and I thought I was going to die.  Summer time, even with this Memphis heat, has always been my favorite time of year.  But while I'm running all I can do is look forward to fall and winter.  So unlike me...but hey, so is running.  :)  So...either early morning or way later evening runs from now on.  And lots of water.

Enough complaining...I have to tell y'all about a fabulous conversation I had the other day.  Friday I was having dinner with some girlfriends and found out that one of them has run the St. Jude half marathon in the past.  (How did I not know this??)  We talked all night about her experience and just listening to her was amazing.  I literally had chills running up my arms and tears running down my face.  She talked about the people there cheering her on the whole way, the St. Jude patients and their families with "thank you" signs, her friends and family waiting at the finish line...y'all I'm tearing up right now typing this.  I called my mama the next day to make sure she was going to be there waiting for me at the finish line...then cried some more.  I absolutely CANNOT wait for December.


Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been A While

Hey, y'all!  It's been a little while since I've blogged.  Sorry!  First things first, several people have asked about the training program I'm using.  You can find that program here.  I really like it because it literally starts you from the running at all.  It's a 24 week program, so if you start it this week you'll be able to run a half marathon when I do in December!  Do it!

So yeah, 24 week program.  24 weeks til race day.  If I was ever going to slack off I should have already done it.  It's way too late now!  I'm so excited.  And can we please talk about accountability??  Thanks to blogging, facebook, twitter, and word of mouth I don't go anywhere that I'm not asked how my training is going.  I was out after a wedding Saturday and saw a friend I hadn't seen in a good long while.  The first thing he said to me was, "So I hear you're running a half marathon!"  I love that!

Training is going well.  I'm up to three miles now.  WOW...I know that's not much but I never thought I'd say that!  Supposed to up it to 4 this week.  Wish me luck!  Let me just say, I LOVE summer time.  Even in Memphis.  Love the sun, love the heat, love summer.  But it is really hard to get used to running in this heat!  It's a good thing I'm building up to it!

I promise not to wait so long before I blog again.  Talk to you soon!



Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 2...WOO!

Before I talk running...y'all MUST go over to my friend's blog and check out her awesome giveaway!  Alicia Klein is giving away a super cute Tour One Wallet via friend's blog.  Click here to check it out!

SO.  I started week 2 of training and so far it's not much different from week 1.  Later in the week I'll add a mile to the run, but for now I'm still just doing two. 

I have to be honest.  Last week was tough.  I'm talking "what-was-I-thinking-I'm-not-a-runner" tough.  Of course, I probably have that thought during the beginning of every run.  Then I finish and I'm glad I'm sticking with it.  I did decide, though, that I have to do something different.  I'm to the point right now that I don't feel like it's getting any easier, and that's a great way to become discouraged.  I think I mentioned before that I bought some new running clothes.  I do love running in my new clothes!  I feel so legit and they really are cooler (like temperature-wise) than what I was running in.  But obviously new clothes aren't going to magically make running easier.  It's no secret that nutrition plays a huge role in athletic performance.  But I didn't realize how big of a role until tonight's run.  I've been extremely dedicated to healthy nutrition the last couple of days.  I have researched and researched on the best way to both fuel for a run and lose weight.  Y'all, in just the couple of days I've stuck with this, it made the biggest difference in my running!  I could run farther, run faster, and just felt all around better the whole time.  I'm quite sure I could have kept on running tonight if it hadn't been for the HUGE hill I didn't take into account at the very end of my run.  (I'm dogsitting this week so I ran a trail I've never run before.  Probably should have checked it out ahead of time!)

Tomorrow I'm going to buy new running shoes.  Super excited about that.  Look out, 13.1.  You're going down!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Six Months til Race Day!

June 1, 2012...exactly 6 months til my very first half marathon!  While I'm only in my first official week of training and only running two miles right now, I'm so super pumped!  Week one has been going well.  Memphis even got a break from the ridiculously hot weather, which made running even more awesome. 

Since signing up for a half marathon pretty much means I'm married to running for the next six months I actually went out and bought real running clothes.  I feel so legit now!  Let me just say, it is hard to find real running clothes for bigger people.  Reebok is about the only line I could find clothes to really fit me well.  So I think even when I'm a professional marathoner and super skinny, I'm totally going to endorse them.  ;)

I'm in the process now of finding some good cross-training for when I'm not running.  I've read that yoga is really good.  What kind of cross-training do y'all do?

I still can't believe I'm doing this.  It's so unlike me.  But how does the saying go?  "If you always do what you've done, you'll always get what you've gotten."  And I'm not willing to settle for that.  I'm still so nervous, but so SO excited!  I can't wait to finish the race and then read this blog from the beginning.  How fun will that be??