Friday, June 29, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce

Wow...three blog posts in three days!  Sorry for the overkill, but I really want y'all to meet the person responsible for my half marathon training/obsession.  (Some of you already know her.)  I met Christin through a mutual friend at a happy hour and although I thought she was a cool chick, I never imagined she'd have me running a year or so later!  ME...running!  She's a marathoner and has given me such great advice, awesome tips, and run alongside me when I was struggling with a simple mile (she can run 26.2...a mile is absolutely nothing to her).

When I get discouraged or just want to reignite my excitement I go back and read her running story.  It's SO inspiring.  I just now read it again, which prompted this post, and cried.  Again.  You can check out her story here.  Please go read it!  I promise you it will inspire you whether you've been running for years, are just getting started on your journey, or are even just thinking about starting to run.

Thanks, Christin, for all of your support!  I can't wait for December 1st!


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