Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey blog friends!  It's been a little while, huh? 

Well, the half marathon is 21 weeks away and I'm right on target with my training.  HOWEVER, I'm totally frustrated today.  My run today was awful.  In fact, the last few times I've run have seemed so hard.  Today I just feel like I'm not getting any better.  Granted, each week I run more and walk/rest less.  I guess I just need to focus on that fact.  I just feel like I need a breakthrough, you know?  I want to really feel like and notice that I'm getting better.  It's so hard to keep going when you're discouraged, but I refuse to let that get me down.  I'll be better tomorrow...I'm just grouchy about it today.  :)

I started some cross training. Started yoga and a new fitness class on Monday mornings that includes cardio and full body strength and toning.  I'm loving both!  I'm hoping that my class this morning may be part of the reason my run tonight seemed so hard.  My legs are SO tired!  I may have to rework my run schedule if I keep up this Monday morning class.  I'm super excited about my cross-training and hope this might help to give me that breakthrough I'm looking for. 

I'm lucky to have a super awesome support system full of people offering nonstop words of encouragement.  I have an awesome marathoner friend cheering me on and two really good friends training alongside me.  There's no chance of giving's just not an option.  I just hate feeling discouraged!

Sorry for the negative nancy post, but thanks for listening!  Hopefully the next one will be much better!



  1. keep at it, and keep focusing on the positive, even if they're seemingly "little" accomplishments. the fact that you're sticking with it is HUGE - no running accomplishment is a little one.

    i got way discouraged during my half training...i kept reading all these articles about people who would "just forget they were even running," and people who would "look at their watch and wonder where the last mile and half went."

    UM - NO. that NEVER happened to me. i felt every step, every incline change, every mile. i kept thinking i was doing something wrong because i just wasn't blacking out from bliss and waking up 3.5 miles later, feeling awesome. turns out, we all run differently (shocker, i know), and i WAS getting better, stronger and more fit.

    you can do it! keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! It definitely helps to know I'm not the only one that has felt this way!