Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Cool Articles

I really, really wanted to run today but it's my rest day and considering the severe cramping last night I thought it best to really take this rest day...even though I didn't like it!  Who is this girl that still wants to workout even when she has a legitimate excuse not to?!

So I thought I'd spend some time this evening researching how to avoid the terrible pain I felt last night.  I got some great tips from friends that I'll definitely put into place.  I also found this article on  One of my friends that responded to my last blog post said I may be suffering from cramps due to the heat, and this article talks about that -- symptoms, prevention, etc.  It also goes into other heat related illnesses and how to prevent those.  Really good article for anyone taking up or continuing running this summer.

I also came across this article on the same website.  It gives awesome tips for hot weather running, including how to acclimate yourself to the heat, which is great for new runners like me.  My favorite tip from this article is the "drink an icee or smoothie before your run" tip!

One more article I want to share and then I'm done:  This article, also from, gives some really great tips on how to run regularly.  I can honestly say some of these tips have really helped me keep going.  Setting goals, sharing important.  I think I've mentioned before that the news of my half marathon training has spread like wildfire and there's not a day that goes by that somebody isn't asking me how training is going, even people I run into that I haven't seen in months.  So if I give up...ALL those people are going to know it!

I know everyone's running experience is different, but hopefully these articles share a little something you can use in your training.  I'm learning so much about running and about myself during my training.  I love it!

Anybody else have any other tips to share that may not have been included in these articles? 


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