Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

Ok, so I officially started the half marathon training program I mentioned in my first post.  I counted back 24 weeks from my race date and the training would have officially started on June 18th, but I didn't figure it could hurt to get a two week head start.  Besides, I've been running for a few months anyways.  No need to stop now.

Week 1, day 1: start with a 5 minute walk to warm up, then run for 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds until you reach two miles.  As I mentioned before, I'm already a little ahead of the game and can run well passed 30 seconds.  I'm comfortable, though, with the two mile part, so I decided I'd just run the two miles as best I could, stopping to walk as needed. 

I've come to enjoy running different trails and at different parks.  The little animals you pass, the ponds/lakes, the all gives off a sense of serenity that I'm convinced helps me through my runs.  But y'all, when you're seeing poor little frogs and worms that have literally fried to death on the asphalt before making it back to the dirt, you know it's summer time in Tennessee.  In other words, it was HOT!  I made it through, though, and I'm so proud of myself for doing so.  One thing I learned from today's run: take the water with you no matter what! I had it in my car but thought to myself, "It's only two miles, I'll be fine."  I even observed other runners that didn't have water with them.  Well, y'all, those other runners are in WAY better shape than me!  And maybe a little bit dumb.  (Haha)  But seriously, From now on I'll have my water bottle with me on these hot days no matter how short the distance.

I keep up with my time, distance, etc. on the RunnerKeeper app on my phone.  It works well enough and I like it because when I have my headphones in it'll break through my music every 5 minutes to let me know my time, distance, and average pace.  So I know if I need to step it up or even slow it down.  I'm sure they all probably do that, this is just the one I came across first.  I think a friend actually recommended it to me a year ago when I thought I was going to be a runner. ;)  I'm embarrassed to say that it took me over 30 minutes to do those two miles.  I stopped to walk several times and I want to blame that on the heat, so I'm gonna!  I won't lie, during the run I was discouraged.  I asked myself (again) what in the world I was thinking for signing up for that half marathon.  But being at home now and resting I'm so happy I did.  Even if I don't run the whole thing in December, signing up has given me just the push I need to keep running.  And I know it gets easier.  I can't even begin to describe how much easier it already is from when I started running in February. 

Lastly, I just want to comment on the people I passed while running this morning.  Every single person was so friendly!  It was so refreshing.  I purposely went to a trail that I felt like was secluded enough and that not many people knew about so I didn't have to worry about feeling self conscious while I was running (yep, still feel that way).  Well, the joke was on me because that trail was pretty hoppin'!  But like I said, everyone was so friendly smiling, waving, saying good morning.  I loved it.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to reward myself with lunch (a healthy one, of course) and some time by the pool.  Just as soon as I can pull myself up off my couch.  ;)


  1. Proud of your run!!! It's that feeling when you get home that makes me keep going out there. Keep at it! Let me know if you want to run this week (or just hang out, and I can look at your program!)

  2. This is awesome! Wish we lived closer so we could run together and motivate each other! Keep up the great (hard) work!!