Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Blogging.  I've never done it.  So don't be discouraged by my crappy layout and first few posts...I promise I'll get better!  I may be more nervous about this blog than I am about the half marathon I signed up for.  Seriously.

Ok, so.  I signed up for a half marathon.  Quite possibly the craziest thing I've ever done. I've been running for about 3 months but haven't trained near as much as I should, so I'm pretty much starting from scratch.  I have a fabulous friend that helped and inspired me to get started with the whole running thing and that's the same friend that talked me into signing up for this half.  It's so nice to have someone believe in you...even when you're not so sure of yourself.  When I posted on twitter that I had signed up for the race, the words of encouragement were just overwhelming.  Another friend suggested I blog about my journey, so here I am.

Y'all, I am OUT OF SHAPE.  Out of shape, overweight...I have a LONG way to go!  The first thing I did after I signed up for the race was research different half marathon training programs.  I take that back.  The first thing I did after I signed up was panic...then I researched different half marathon training programs.  There are about a million different training programs for "beginners" to train for half marathons and they all start the same:  Day 1 - Run 3 miles.  Ummm...hello?  Does the word BEGINNER mean anything to you?  I finally found a program on that was a true "couch to half marathon" program.  Day 1 - run for 30 seconds, walk for 60 seconds until you've gone 2 miles.  Ok, that I can handle.  Actually...thanks to the last few months I'm starting several weeks into this program.  My race date is December 1, 2012.  Yep, I only have about 6 months.  But like I said, the support and words of encouragement have been awesome. I've had a few people (2 to be exact) act like it wasn't going to happen for me...which just makes me want it more.  Time to kill it.

I look forward to getting this journey started.  I'm blogging to welcome any words of encouragement or advice anyone may have, and maybe even to inspire others.  It's going to be a long 6 months, but I'm so excited about it!

I promise as time goes on to make this blog more creative, add pictures, etc.  I'm still wrapping my hands around the whole blogging thing, so I welcome advice there as well!


  1. First off, welcome to blogging. :) and I am already SO encouraged and inspired by you. I've always been the girl who would get serious about running for 2-3 months and then just quit altogether. But, I really want to get serious about it! I'm so glad you will blog through your journey! You're going to rock that half marathon!

  2. I am so excited for you! I ran my first half in November and I had only been running for a few months too, so I know exactly where you're at! I am excited to follow along!! You're going to do great!!

  3. Jessica,

    So glad you decided to share your running story/journey! I've been following Christin's blog for awhile and she is so inspiring! I know you will inspire me as well! I just started running in January and have run a few 5ks and one 10k. I'm really thinking about signing up for a half marathon (there is one at the end of October I'm eyeing). Proud of you for taking the plunge and signing up! Hopefully I will get the courage to sign up for a half as well. Can't wait to follow your journey!!


  4. Welcome to the blog world lady! Love the way you write. I can literally hear you saying it. Can't wait to see pics of you crossing the finish line!!!

  5. You make me smile. I love you and you will do great!

  6. you totally can do it! i ran my first half marathon in March, and i started the same way you did. my goal was to finish - even if i had to drag my haggard ass across that line! - and with the encouragement of a few good real-life friends and some bloggy ones, i totally did it. i can't wait to keep reading about your journey!!

  7. im so excited and i think your AWESOME at blogging! Very inspiring! you make me wanna get up and do this with you! you got this girl!!!