Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

I wanted to post a recap of my weekend because it was probably the best weekend for running since I started my training.

First, I got my racing singlet in the mail last week.  That made me SO nervous, but also extra motivated!  

Friday night I ran another race...the True Blue 5K at the University of Memphis.  It was SO MUCH better than the one I ran the week before.  I still ran it pretty slowly, but felt much better after this one than I did after the BWW 5K.  I didn't even cry during or after this one...ha!  Plus, we got to run through the tiger's mouth to cross the finish can you be upset about that??

Saturday morning I met a friend at the Green Line and we were going to attempt our long run for the week...9 miles.  My body nor my stinky attitude were going to let me do nine miles that day.  In fact, they weren't going to let me do more than two.  So I finished a little two miler and went on home completely mad at myself, but swearing I'd do nine the next day. 

I may have still been a little bit unsure of myself on Sunday, but that evening I popped some Gatorade energy chews, met up with two friends and we set out for the nine miler.  We started out at one of my friend's place and about 5.5 miles in were at my place, where we all paused slightly for a water/bathroom break.  Also took a Gu packet at this point.  (Note to self: no more blackberry gu...NOT good!)  Leaving my place to finish it off I knew there was no way we weren't going to finish.  See, my car was at my friend's house, which is exactly 3.5 miles from mine at the shortest route.  We had no choice but to finish.  The first and last mile were the hardest to me...and when we made it back to friend's house I wasn't in the greatest mood.  But holy crap.  We did it.  We ran nine miles, which was the longest run for any of us.  That's only 4.1 miles short of our half marathon!  I left friend's house without saying much to the girls, but it was just minutes before I called/texted them freaking out about what we had just accomplished.  I also couldn't wait to text Christin to tell her about it. 

This nine miler included the tiny little mile Christin and I ran together on my very first ever run.  Back then I think I had to stop and walk 4 or 5 times before I made it just half a mile.  I hadn't run that stretch since Christin and I ran it together, so of that entire nine miles I think running that little piece without stopping may have been the most rewarding.  (Yes, I'm a nerd.)

We shoot for 10 miles this weekend and I know now that I can do it.  I'm pumped and super excited for the half marathon coming up in just four weeks!  Now...let's just hope this motivation can last! 



  1. Wowzers! Good for you! I bet that was a HUGE boost to your confidence. I think that's the hardest thing about running, believing that you can do the prescribed number of miles. At least for me it is!

    We must be pretty close in our training programs-it seems you're one or two weeks ahead of me. I ran 8 miles last weekend (A WHOLE EIGHT, no walking (or crying)...HOLLA!). I have a step-back weekend so we're doing a local 10K then we'll do 10 miles next weekend. I'm kinda nervous about doing 10 but if I can do 8, I can do 10. Right, right?

    Can't wait to read your next post!


    1. Hey! Ok, YES! The hardest part about training to me is most definitely believing I can finish a long run. Sometimes I think if I could just get out there and run without thinking about how far I had to go, I could run a lot further!

      Yeah, we must be close in our programs. My long run is 10 miles the next two weekends. I'm nervous, too! I'm thinking we both got it, though! Definitely keep me posted on how you do!